Welcome to the Elah Valley Longhorns website!

We at Elah Valley Longhorns are working hard to build our herd on quality genetics. Our main focus is a healthy, vibrant animal with great horn, excellent body composition, color variations, and good disposition. There is nothing prettier than looking out on a field of grass being grazed by a "field" of longhorn cattle with their many color variations, various horn length of straight or twisty horn, and those speckled calves bouncing all over the pasture.  We are delighted to be part of this industry, and share our enthusiasm with others who love this magnificent breed of cattle. Please feel free to call us, or come on by. We would love to hear from you!

Elah Valley Longhorns is located in southwest Missouri near Branson and Springfield.

Fred and Cheryl Bryant

"They possessed an adamantine strength, an aboriginal vitality,
a Spartan endurance, and a fierce nobility..."

-J. Frank Dobie