The Longhorn breed of cattle were introduced to North America in the 1500’s when Spain settled this continent. They were prized for their endurance and ability to find forage when forage was “lean”. This ancestry of the Longhorns make the composition of the Longhorn different from the heavier, fatter beef producers. Longhorns do not put on the fat that you find in other cattle, hence the more healthy beef. You might say, Texas Longhorns are the athletes of the cattle world with their strength and endurance.

Though Texas Longhorn cattle are raised for their beauty of horn, coloring, composition, and disposition there are always some animals that a Longhorn breeder would consider best to be used for beef consumption. Because of the health benefits of Longhorn beef we want to offer this opportunity to the public.

Following are some nutrition facts, cooking tips, and Longhorn facts to help you make your decision to buy delicious Longhorn beef!

"There is absolutely no shrinkage to the burgers when you cook them on the stove or the grill.  What I like is the great flavor and not having the after taste of fat.  They are right when they say “leaner than Chicken”.
-Chuck & Nancy

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How Types of Meat Compare Nutritionally

(Information based on 3.5 oz serving)

Meat Calories Cholesterol (gms) Fat (gms) Protein (gms)
Longhorn 140 61.5 3.7 25.5
Ground Beef 289 90 20.7 24.1
Top Round 180 84.6 4.9 31.7
Pot Roast 210 101 7.6 33
Pork Chops 202 82.7 8.1 30.2
Pork Loin 190 79.6 9.8 28.6
Lamb Chop 216 95.8 9.7 30
Lamb Leg 191 89.7 7.7 28.3
Chicken, Dark 205 93.8 9.7 27.4
Chicken, White 173 85.7 4.5 30.9
Turkey 170 79.6 5.0 29.3
Venison 207 4 6.4 33.5

Source: Longhorn data “Nutrient Density of Beef From Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle; Texas A & M; 1987. Other data: USDA, USA Today 11/29/91. Pope Lab, Inc. Dallas, TX.


-Longhorn beef should be cooked quickly over medium heat
-Longhorn beef, unlike Angus and other beef, cooks 30-50% faster because of the low fat content. Fat acts as an insulator that must be penetrated before Angus beef will start to cook.
-There is very little shrinkage in longhorn beef. The size of raw cut you start with is pretty much what you end up with.
-For Longhorn beef steaks you may want to marinade in your favorite meat marinade and/or tenderize the meat before cooking.
-When grilling Longhorn beef, use a medium hot fire. For extra flavor one might add mesquite or apple chips to the fire.
-No additional fat need be added when cooking Longhorn beef but, if desired, you can spray your pan or grill with olive oil

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-Our beef is grass fed, NO growth hormones or steroids
-Low in fat, cholesterol, and calories
-Our Longhorn beef has been state inspected and approved for healthy consumption
-You can buy EV Longhorn beef on the hoof or ½ beef, when available, leaving you the choice of telling the butcher what cuts you prefer, or you can buy in bundles of 10, 20, 30 pounds or more. Larger purchases are discounted.
-Please contact us for pricing of your longhorn beef needs…We look forward to hearing from you!

Fred Bryant


Cheryl Bryant

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Rib Eyes
$10/lb  (2 steaks) Approx. wt. 1.5 lbs
Porter House
$10/lb  (2 steaks)  Approx. Wt. 1.9 lbs
$8/lb (2 steaks)  Approx. Wt. 1.9 lbs
$7/lb (1 steak)  Approx. Wt. 1.5 lbs
Round Cube Steak
$8/lb  per package (1 lg. steak)  Approx. Wt. 1.4 lbs
Whole Beef
$4.00 per lb. hanging weight
1/2 Beef
$4.50 per lb.hanging weight

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"I bought ten pounds of Texas Longhorn ground beef from Elah Valley Longhorns just to give it a try. I was intrigued by the nutritional information for the Longhorn beef as compared to that of traditional cattle. I had no idea there would be any difference in fat content and calories no matter what breed of cow the ground beef was from. Amazingly the Longhorn beef is significantly lower in both...and then in comparison to pork, venison, lamb and chicken (even white meat chicken) it was also lower. There's no shrinkage to the Longhorn burger and the meat just smells better while cooking. We tried it on the grill, fried crumbled such as for chili or tacos, and also for meatloaf. We loved it in everything we tried. On price, compared to the 94+% ground beef we have been buying, its' very reasonable, probably even less expensive when you consider the shrinkage aspect. We just ordered more, and don't plan to buy anything other than Longhorn beef in the future. In addition, we will be trying other cuts such as roast and steak, expecting it will be every bit as delicious."
Lonnie Hough
Bolivar, MO